My favourite song atm

Read more about the 16 year old’s collaboration with UK’s Labrinth here.  I can’t say I know much about R&B as a genre.  Noah’s interest in writing was inspired by Ben Howard’s I Forget Where We Were.  For a first release I think it is gorgeous.


~ near Thredbo, Snowy Mountains, NSW, Australia. Christmas Day 2016

I am coming up to the thirteenth anniversary of moving to the Snowys, admittedly, there may be a debate if you are Victorian, if you are really in the Snowys, I suppose it depends how Victoriacentric you are.  I still am, and I blame this on driving to Wodonga every couple of weeks.  As you can see it didn’t take long on Christmas Day to get to Thredbo, and we were enjoying this creek killing time in case we were early for 12.30pm lunch.  We didn’t need to do that, I think we left home around 9.  However it seems we were still first.


We were meeting some of our family, two sons and a partner from Canberra, and the rest of the table was made up mostly of Canberrians.  I kinda liked this, they suit the place.  The hotel reminded me a little of the hotel at ANU, so maybe there is something in that.

Blogging is a funny thing, I noticed the other day in a cafe in Albury that they don’t like people taking photos inside their cafe.  It is great they put up a sign so you don’t have to guess.

I have been inspired by this jar, I found one similar unfortunately with a screw top, well my husband looked in the op-shop for me and there was one there, now to find my baby pinecones.


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